How to Take Daily Attendance from Blackboard

Class attendance for on-campus courses can be captured in Blackboard and recorded on the individual student record in Colleague. 

NOTE: The Daily Attendance Calendar will NOT be displayed prior to the start date of the course.


Step 1. Log into Blackboard and go into the course where you want to take attendance.


Step 2. Click on "Course Tools" from the Control Panel in your course.

Course Tools


Step 3. Click on "ILP Integration" under Course Tools.

ILP Integration



Step 4. Click on "Daily Attendance".



Step 5. Login to the portal using your email address and password.

Login to the Portal


Step 6. Click on the class date - it is highlighted in blue.

Click on Class Date


Step 7. To set the student status, you can either click on the carrot at the top where it says "Set Attendance Status (or choose below)" to set each student to the same status. You can then edit any status that needs changing OR you can select each student separately to select status.

Set student Status

Step 8. Select Status.

Select Status

Step 9. Click Submit.