Merge Course Enrollment Overview

The "Merge Course Enrollment" tool in Blackboard is used for faculty teaching multiple sections of the same course who wish to use one Bb course site for the multiple sections. This tool allows the Blackboard system administrator to merge enrollments into a single Blackboard course site rather than maintaining multiple sites for multiple sections of the same course. Please note, once the sections are merged, students will ONLY have access to the 'parent' Blackboard course site.

Note: You can only merge courses being taught in the same semester.


How the Merge Course Enrollment Tool Works

Once you have completed the merge course enrollment request described below and your courses have been merged by eLearning Services, the following will happen automatically:

  1. All students will be added to the Parent Course
  2. The Blackboard course sites where students were merged from (child course) will be made unavailable to students.
  3. Students that registered for the child course, will continue to see the name of the child course but when entering the course, sees the content from the 'parent' course. Because of this, the parent course is no longer renamed with a _MERGE in the name.


The Gradebook:

  1. In the gradebook (of the parent course), a column entitled "Child Course" will be added. This column contains the course ID of the course the student was merged from. This will help you reconcile the merged Blackboard roster against the individual course rosters.
    Note: Students with nothing listed in the "Child Course" column are the students originally registered for the Parent Course.
    Tip: If you order the gradebook by the "Child Course" column, the students will be grouped by the course they originally registered for.


How to Submit a "Merge Course Enrollment" Request

 Log into Blackboard. You can also go directly to and submit a Service Ticket (Search for "Course Merge", select "Blackboard Setup")


From the My eLearning tab, you will see the following 'Merge Course Enrollment Request' module.

Step 1: Click on the link for the Merge Course Enrollment request form. 

Merge Course Request form


Step 2. If you are not already logged into askPGCC, you will get the login screen. Enter your PGCC email address and password. Select Sign in.

askPGCC Login


Step 3: Fill out the Course Merge Service Request by selecting "Request Service".
askPGCC Request Form



Step 3. You will be redirected to the Merge Course enrollment request form in askPGCC.

Enter fields in Merge Form

Enter the Course ID of the Main/Parent section (the course that will have all of the content in it).

Also name the Course ID of any child course sections.


You will receive an email with a copy of your service request. You will receive another email when your request has been completed.


Step 4. If you go into edit the child course, you will see a notification at the top of the screen that says this course is the unavailable child course. Any modifications to this course will not be seen by students.

This course is unavailable message