You can now view your course as a student without having to log out and log back in using a test student account. The Student Preview feature provides the capability for an instructor to see the course exactly as a student would see it. It accomplishes this by allowing the Instructor to easily transition into and out of a system-managed preview account that is automatically enrolled in the course as a student. This provides all the advantages of a "dummy" account while absolving the instructor and System Administrator of the management overhead.


Enter into Student Preview

To be able to view your course as your students will view it, follow these instructions:


1. Click the image in the upper right hand corner of your course next to "Edit Mode" (Edit Mode can be on or off).

Click Image


2. You will see an orange bar with the message "Entering Student Preview". This may take a minute.

entering student preview


3. Once you have entered "Student Preview" mode, you will see the orange bar at the top of your course saying "Student Preview is ON". Once you are in Student Preview, you are actually logged in with a student "preview" account. You can take tests, submit assignments, etc. as a student and will only have access to content that is available to all students.

Preview is on


4. Click "Exit Preview" to exit student preview and return to your user account.

click exit


5. Once you click "Exit Preview", you will get the following screen. Here you have the option to select either "Delete the preview user and all data (Recommended)", which will remove the 'preview student' and any data that was added while in student preview mode, or you can select "Keep the preview user and all data", which will keep any content added while in student preview, which means if you took a test or submitted an assignment while in "Student Preview", that content will remain and you can go grade or view it in the Grade Center as the instructor. Click "Continue" to exit student preview.



6. You will then see "Exiting Student Preview" and return to your instructor account.