What's New in Blackboard for Faculty

Blackboard was upgraded to the April 2014 release on May 17, 2015. See below for new features and procedures available since Summer 2015.


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What's New

New "Merge Course Enrollments" Procedure

Student Preview (no more student test accounts)

Anonymous and Delegated Grading

Updates to SafeAssign

Assessments: Significant Figures

Content Collection

What's New in Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate with the "Ultra" Experience





New "Merge Course Enrollments" Procedure


The self-service “Merge Course Enrollments” tool is no longer working and is no longer supported.  Therefore, it was necessary to transition to an alternative merge course enrollment tool.  This means that Merge Course Enrollments is no longer self-service and must be performed by the eLearning staff.  Faculty will submit a “Merge Course Enrollment” request via Blackboard to have their course enrollments merged.  eLearning staff will perform the merge and send faculty an email when the process is completed.  The form can be found in Blackboard under the ‘My eLearning’ tab (login tab) and is viewable by faculty only.


Click here for instructions on submitting a merge course enrollment request.




Student Preview - You can now view your course as a student without having to log out and log back in using a test student account. The new Student Preview feature provides the capability for an instructor to see the course exactly as a student would see it. It accomplishes this by allowing the Instructor to easily transition into and out of a system-managed preview account that is automatically enrolled in the course as a student. This provides all the advantages of a “dummy” account while absolving the instructor and System Administrator of the management overhead.


Click here for instructions on the Student Preview feature.

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Anonymous and Delegated Grading - Instructors can hide student names from submitted assignments for anonymous grading. Without knowing who submitted the assignment, a Grader is not influenced by a student's previous performance, class participation, conflicts, race, gender, or perceived student aptitude. Delegated Grading promotes reliability and removes bias by using grades and feedback from more than one Grader. These features may be used together or individually to meet grading requirements.


Click here for a video on Anonymous and Delegated Grading.

Click here to read more information on Anonymous and Delegated Grading.




Updates to SafeAssign - SafeAssign is now integrated into regular Blackboard Learn assignments. With this update, the SafeAssignment dropdown option when creating assignments is no longer available and SafeAssign becomes an additional feature available when creating native Blackboard Learn Assignments. All Blackboard Learn Assignment features are available in tandem with SafeAssign services to Blackboard Learn Assignments.


Click here to view a video on the new SafeAssign features.

Click here to read more information on SafeAssign Assignments.




Assessments: Significant Figures - Blackboard has improved Calculated Formula Questions by adding the ability to define the significant figures required and used in the creation of answers and the automated grading process. In calculated formula questions, instructors can select the number of decimals or significant figures for the correct answers generated by the system.


Click here for more information on Calculated Formula Questions.



NEW!!! Blackboard Collaborate with the "Ultra" experience. Blackboard Collaborate has been redesigned for a better teaching and learning experience—the Ultra experience. You don't have to install Java or a launcher. Join the browser-based sessions easily and quickly. At this time, the "Ultra" experience is only available outside of the Blackboard environment. Please contact eLearning to request a Collaborate virtual room. For more information, click here.



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