For more than 80 years, NBC News has been documenting the people, places, and events that have shaped our world. Now, for the first time, NBC Learn is making these historic and current events resources available to faculty, instructional technologists, course designers, librarians, and students.


NBC Learn Higher Ed is a collection of primary source videos, newsreels, documents, and images that can be used for research, projects, and in classroom and online teaching. Click here for instructions on how to search/add content in Blackboard. Take a look at some of the features NBC Learn Higher Ed has to offer.




  • Over 10,000 resources - short 2 to 5 minutes videos are engaging, relevant and inspiring, help connect real-world applications to course materials.
  • In class and online use - great for research, in-class debate or discussion, or embed into Learning Management Systems for Distance Learning.
  • Aligned to 28 Higher Ed courses - topics range from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, U.S. History, Global Studies, Health & Nursing, Psychology, Business, Marketing, Journalism, Sociology, and more.
  • Personal playlists - keep resources organized or share them with others.
  • Reliable and trustworthy - each resource is selected to be educationally appropriate, and held to the highest NBC News Standards and Practices.
  • Interactive CueCard - patent pending media player makes downloading, annotating, citing and embedding resources fun and easy.
  • Emmy award-winning original video - NBC Learn series including "Science of NFL Football," "Science of the Olympic Winter Games," "Chemistry NOW!" and "Finishing the Dream: Learning from the Civil Rights Era."
  • Search by topic, keyword, or date - advanced search technology enables a variety of compound searches.

Content Collections

  • Over 10,000 resources aligned to 28 Higher Ed courses.
  • Current Events - updated daily Monday-Friday, use these resources to help connect the real world to the course materials.
  • Bring history alive with thousands of videos plus hundreds of historical documents from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
  • Materials support Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, Computer Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Environment Sciences, and more.
  • Original and engaging instructional content in vocabulary and grammar plus hundreds of reading and writing topics. Interviews with authors, essayists, and writers of note on some of the significant works of the 20th century.
  • Health and Nursing Science resources support the latest breakthroughs in physical, mental, and regulating health issues.
  • Learn about economics, banking, investing, and entrepreneurship in our Business and Personal Finance section.
  • Resources include a full set of bibliographic information including a printable transcript, closed captioning (videos), copyright, source, etc.

Click here to search and view videos from the collections.

The Cue Card

The CueCard multi-media player allows teachers and students to watch video, see images, or read documents in an interactive, flippable card! It allows you to see the media resource in high quality small format or full screen, extend the transcript drawer, write comments or directions in the notes drawer, or flip it over for a full set of bibliographic source information including a citation generator, and embeddable link. You can even assign groups of CueCards to your students or engage them in "trading" important CueCards and multimedia playlists with each other.


Click here to learn more about the Cue Card features.

Click here for instructions on how to use features of the CueCard, includes Sharing.





Sharing resources in NBC Learn couldn't be easier. There are two features on the Cue Card that make it easy to share videos. Click the "Share" button on the front of the Cue Card to email links to clips, bookmark clips in your browser's 'favorites' and post links to popular social bookmarking sites.



Your playlists are your own, personalized media library that you can use to save content as well as your own notes! For professors, you might want to organize your playlists by class — for students, maybe you want to stay organized by subject — either way, your personal playlists are flexible.


Click here for instructions on how to use the playlist.

Take a Video Tour

Take a video tour of NBC News Archives on Demand. A unique educational resource from NBC Learn. This tour focuses on the following:

  • Content
  • Search and Browse
  • Cue Card
  • Download Videos
  • Playlists
  • Sharing

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How to Search/Add NBC Learn Content within Blackboard.

Click here for instructions on how to search/add content in Blackboard.




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