Blackboard IM

NOTE: Blackboard Instant Messaging (BbIM) will no longer be available after December 31, 2018. Blackboard has determined that the product requires significant investment and developmental updates that are not aligned with their strategy and therefore have chosen to end-of-life BBIM.


For those faculty who choose to use BBIM this fall 2018 semester, there is a known issue where new users cannot download the BBIM file from the Quicklinks, Course Tools area to install the product on their laptop or computer.  Faculty must invite unregistered users via the BBIM application on their computer. Please contact eLearning Services if you need assistance with this step.


It is recommended that Blackboard Collaborate is used in lieu of Blackboard IM. For more information on Blackboard Collaborate, click here.


Blackboard Collaborate™ enterprise instant messaging capabilities allow you to create a learning network to support office hours, meetings and desktop video conferencing—all initiated through presence and instant messaging. With Blackboard IM, students and instructors can easily see who’s online and available so they can instantly communicate with peers, colleagues, and experts.




Desktop video conferencing and VoIP audio for cost-effective meetings

Whiteboard with built-in learning objects and templates

Application sharing and queued chat for tutoring and online office hours




Student-to-Student Learning

Blackboard IM allows students to see who’s online from their classes and instantly collaborate by chatting or connecting thru video.

Strengthen Tutoring Relationships

Meet student needs with efficient services, connecting onsite and remote students to help, IT, tutoring, orientation, library services, and more, without physical infrastructure.

Let the Whiteboard out of the Classroom

Harness the power of visual instruction for multimodal learning with state-of-the-art whiteboard technology.

Web Conferencing
Accommodate different learning styles or instructional needs with a single-click launch of web conferencing from instant messaging.



Getting Started with Blackboard IM


User Manual


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