SoftChalk is a lesson building application that can be used to create, customize and personalize course content by using your own content and including rich media (video, audio, images), interactive exercises, quizzes and text. The application runs on both Windows and Macintosh computers.  You can easily publish your SoftChalk content into your Blackboard course and integrate it with the Blackboard Grade Center.  You can also share your Activities, Quiz Groups and Lessons or find content to use in your course on the SoftChalk CONNECT website. 


You can create:


  • interactive learning games, including customizable flashcards, image labeling, image hotspot activities, matching games, crosswords and more.
  • six question types: multiple choice, multiple answer (more than one correct answer), short answer, true/false, matching, and ordering.
  • pop-up text annotations to define terminology, or enhance the interactivity of your lesson content.
  • Visit the SoftChalk website for a wealth of useful information including video tutorials, sample lessons, a variety of live webinar offerings and free short courses.


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    How Do I Get This Software?

    You must be an employee of Prince George's Community College to download SoftChalk. There are two locations where you can access the download files, either from the portal or from Blackboard. Follow the instructions below: After downloading and installing Softchalk, see the more information links above.


    1. Portal: When accessing from the portal, you will get a login screen if you are not currently logged into the portal. Once you login, you will see the "Software Options for PGCC Employees" web page. Scroll down the page to find SoftChalk listed under "Home or College Use". Click on SoftChalk to go to the SoftChalk download page. Click here to access the "Software Options for PGCC Employees" page in the PGCC Portal.
    2. Blackboard: Log into Blackboard and click on the tab titled "Getting Started with Bb9 for Faculty" located on the "My eLearning" tab.

    faculty tab


    From this tab, you will see a "SoftChalk" module with a link to the SoftChalk download page. Click on the link and follow the instructions on the SoftChalk download page. Click here to access Blackboard.


    For more help with Softchalk:


    • Visit the SoftChalk Support Center or e-mail them at if you need assistance installing SoftChalk, entering your license key, using SoftChalk or uploading your SoftChalk lesson to your Blackboard Course. At the SoftChalk Support Center, please notice the Installation and License Key FAQ folders at the left.
    • Within the SoftChalk application, see Help/Help Topics for a searchable User Guide, integration guides for various learning management systems, FAQs and links to sign up for free training.


    SoftChalk Share


    SoftChalk Share ( is an Open Education Resource, learning object repository with thousands of free learning materials, created by educators. SoftChalk users have created SoftChalk content (lessons and activities) that they are sharing on this website. The SoftChalk Share website is available to the public for getting web-based Reusable Learning Objects (OERs) that can be used in web pages and SoftChalk lessons. In other words, the public can copy and paste the embed code or hyperlink for these objects and no account is required. You can share content on this site as well as find content to use in your courses.



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