Welcome to the Spring 2021 Semester

See eStudent Resources for additional student resources.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Spring credit registration is now open! Remote learning and services will continue with flexible online, scheduled remote, and limited hybrid options. Visit pgcconline.com for more information.

Owl Mail (Student email account)

Have you activated your Owl Mail Student email account? If not, click here for 3 easy steps to activate your student email account. You will need your 7-digit student id to activate your student email account.

Blackboard (Bb) Student Orientation Information

All credit students will be enrolled in the "Student Online Orientation" course. This course is OPTIONAL. You will not receive a grade or a certificate but this course contains important information to help you get started in Bb.

Please note that Internet Explorer is not compatible with Blackboard. Click here for supported browsers.

Blackboard (Bb) Collaborate Ultra

See below for instructions on how to access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (the virtual classroom)

Click here to view the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra student orientation

Additional Student Resources:

eLearning highly recommends that either Firefox or Chrome is used with Blackboard. Click here for more browser information.

Bb Student Mobile App

Have you downloaded the Blackboard App for Students?

The Blackboard app is designed especially for students to view content and participate in courses. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

Please note that due dates will only be displayed in the mobile app if your instructor uses the Due Date feature in Blackboard. You must check Blackboard for official due dates. Not all tasks can be completed with the mobile app and it is NOT recommended to take a test using the mobile app.


Click here for more information on the Blackboard app for students.

Blackboard Text Notifications
Did you know that you can receive text messages from Blackboard to notify you when Announcements, Assignments or Tests become available?

You have the option to edit the way you receive these Blackboard notifications.

For information on how to edit your notification settings, click here and scroll down to "Choose how and when you get notifications". For more information on the Notification Dashboard and how to edit your settings, click here. If you select to receive text notifications (SMS) or 'Text to Voice" you must have your mobile phone number listed in your Personal Settings.

The notification system alerts you when events occur in your courses, such as when items are due, and when new grades, content, tests, discussions, and blogs are available. Notifications are generated automatically whenever their associated events occur and can be received as an email, text, voice message, or a notification in the Dashboard. Note: Your instructor must set up the Due dates in your course for notifications relating to dates are displayed. 

Edit Your Notification Settings:

You may edit your notification settings to tell Blackboard that you want or do not want to receive notifications via email, dashboard, text, or voice message. 

How to edit your settings:

  1. Login to Blackboard. 

There are two ways to access Notification Settings.

(Option #1):

- At the very top-right of the page, click your name.
- Click "Settings", then "Edit Notification Settings"

Blackboard text notification

 - OR -

(Option #2): 

- On the top left of the screen, click the "Notifications Dashboard" link next to the My eLearning link

option 2 image in Bb text notifications

Now, under the "Alerts" module, click "Edit Notification Settings"

On the Edit Notifications page, under Bulk Edit Notification Settings, click Courses I am teaching or Courses I am taking. You will see the Change Settings page.

  1. Under Select Course, select the courses for which you want to change notification settings by clicking the arrow to move them to the right-side box - or select All to select all of your courses.
  2. Under Settings, click to select which settings you wish sent to your Blackboard Dashboard, your E-mail, or SMS (text) or Text-to-Voice (voice message), or Mobile (Blackboard Mobile App). You cannot reply to the Texts. This is a one-way notification only. SMS is to receive a text.
    ** Please note that to receive a text or to be able to select SMS, you must enter a Mobile phone number in your personal settings. Click this link to Edit Personal Information
  3. If you do not want a notification sent, click to clear the checkbox.
  4. When you are finished, click Submit.
Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ulta

Bb Collaborate Ultra is a real-time video conferencing tool that opens right in your browser, so you don't have to install any software to join a session. Chrome is the best browser to use when using Bb Collaborate Ultra.

You can access Bb Collaborate Ultra right in your Bb course. If you cannot find where to access Collaborate in your course, try the following:

To Access Your Collaborate Course Room:

  • Select 'Quicklinks' from the course menu in your Bb course.
  • Select 'Course Tools' from the Quicklinks options.
  • Select 'Blackboard Collaborate Ultra' from the Course Tools options.


For Bb Collaborate Ultra support at any time, call 1-877-382-2293. If you are an instructor or student in need of support for Blackboard Collaborate, then select #2 for Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience.


For more information on Bb Collaborate Ultra, click here.



Don't See Your Course?

There are two reasons why most students cannot see their courses in Blackboard:

  1. Blackboard course sites will appear 4 days prior to the start date of the course for summer, fall and winter session courses and 5 days prior to the start date of the course for spring courses. 
  2. It may take up to 24 hours after registration or "class schedule changes**" to see your course in Blackboard. You MUST have a students.pgcc.edu email account for your Blackboard account to be created.
  3. If you have confirmed your registration in Owl Link and the start date is within 4 days and you still do not see your course, please contact eLearning Services

    **Class schedule changes include: new registrations, add/drop courses, drops for nonpayment, NA grade drops, course withdrawals.

Confirm your course schedule in Owl Link by checking the "My Class Schedule" link.

This also applies to accelerated courses that begin later in the semester. Check Owl Link for the start date of your course to determine when the Blackboard site will appear.


myPGCC Portal

Keep current on PGCC news, events, information, important announcements, and personal information like your grades.  Go to myPGCC and log in with your Owl Link username and password.

Access Blackboard from within the myPGCC portal: Students are able to click on the Blackboard course link from the myPGCC portal and go directly to the Blackboard course, without additional login to Blackboard.

Online Student Orientation

All credit students will be enrolled in the Student Bb Orientation Course. This course will help you understand how to get around in Bb.

eLearning ORIENTATION for students using Blackboard (Bb):

  • All credit students are automatically enrolled in a Bb course “Student Online Orientation.” From this Blackboard course, students can access the Bb student orientation and other helpful information to help them get started in their course. Most credit students will need to know how to use Bb. For first-time Bb students, view the Student Online Orientation from your list of courses. Note: The orientation course is not graded or required. There is no certification for this course.

Click here to learn more

Registered For An Accelerated Course?

Please Note: Accelerated courses are full semester courses (15-wk, fall and spring; 10-wk, summer) that are condensed to allow students to complete a course in a shorter timeframe. Due to the condensed nature of accelerated courses, it is imperative that you are ready to begin your course on the start date.

  • Accelerated courses are made available to students 4 days prior to the start date of the course for summer and fall courses. There are no accelerated courses for the winter intersession.
  • Accelerated courses are made available to students 5 days prior to the start date of the course for spring courses.
  • You can register for an accelerated course up to the start date of the course.
Student Blackboard Accounts


To test your Blackboard login, students can log in to the Blackboard system on the day after registration if the date is within 45 days of the start date of the course. Blackboard course sites will not be available until 4 calendar days prior to the start date of the course for summer, fall, and winter intersession courses and 5 calendar days prior to the start date of the course for spring semester courses. Students MUST have a students.pgcc.edu email account in Colleague in order to be added to Blackboard.

Registered students will be added to the Blackboard course site the day after registering in Owl Link. In addition, students will be removed from their Blackboard courses within one day of withdrawing. Students receiving an 'FX' or 'NA' grade in a course will be removed from that Bb course site within 48 hours of receiving the grade in Owl Link. Please check your Owl Link schedule to make sure you are enrolled in the correct courses.


When Do Classes Begin

The Spring 2021 semester begins on Tuesday, January 19. 

The start date of courses vary during the semester. Blackboard course sites will be available to students 5 days prior to the start date of the course.

All Winter Classes

  • Classes beginning on January 19th will become available in Bb on Thursday, January 14th.
  • Login to Blackboard using your Owl Link username and password.
YouTube in Blackboard

The "Browse My YouTube Videos" tool in the Content Editor does not work. When you click on the tool, you will get a screen to "Sign in to YouTube". When you click on it, it doesn't go anywhere.


Use the Mashups tool when embedding YouTube videos.