Course Code: 2420

Department: Other

Course Type: Math

Course Format: Online

Credits: 4

Course Description

This course is the second course in a 3-semester sequence of university level calculus for a variety of majors including, but not exclusive to, science, engineering, and mathematics. This course includes the study of integration techniques for single variable functions, applications of integration, improper integrals and infinite series including Taylor series and their applications.
MAT-2410 completion with grade C or higher, or appropriate mathematics placement.
Program Requirement
General Education List,Secondary Education - Chemistry, A.A.T.,Secondary Education - Mathematics, A.A.T. ,Secondary Education - Physics, A.A.T.,General Studies A.A. with Area of Concentration in Chemistry,Engineering, A.S.,Computer Science, A.S.,General Studies A.A. with Area of Concentration in Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics (SEM)