Course Code: 2650

Department: Other

Course Type: Teacher Education

Course Format: Online

Credits: 3

Term: (Not offered summer.)

Semester: (Not offered summer.)

Course Description

This course focuses on the administration and management of a childcare center. Emphasis is on meeting state requirements for physical facilities, licensing, insurance, and staffing childcare programs. Other topics include record keeping, budgeting, hiring, training and managing staff, food services, equipment, materials, community involvement and resources, and current topics in childcare.
Reading proficiency. TED-1100, TED-1200, TED-1300, and TED-1400. Rule: ECE A.A.S. students must also take TED-1110 prior to taking 2000 level courses.
Program Requirement
Proficiency in School Age Care/Management Certificate,Early Childhood Education, A.A.S.,Mastery in Administration of Child Care Programs Certificate