Course Code: 1000

Department: Other

Course Type: Emergency Medical

Course Format: Online

Credits: 6

Course Description

Prepares student in basic medical pre-hospital emergency care, following the standards and guidelines set by the Maryland Institute of Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS), the accrediting agency for EMT programs in Maryland. Lecture topics include anatomy and physiology of the chest, abdomen, and head; patient assessment; basic life support, trauma and medical emergencies; immobilization techniques; and childbirth. Lab sessions focus on skill mastery in caring for these patients, including the continued development of critical thinking skills and the development and implementation of treat plans for patients with various disease and traumatic states encountered in the pre-hospital environment. Continued attention is given to preparation for a role as an EMT team leader, patient advocate, and for entry-level practice as an Emergency Medical Technician professional in the pre-hospital environment.