Course Code: 1110

Department: Other

Course Type: Teacher Education

Course Format: Hybrid

Credits: 2

Term: (Not offered summer.)

Semester: (Not offered summer.)

Course Description

This 2-credit course focuses on professional dispositions and behaviors required to be successful in the field of teacher education. Students will be introduced to the NAEYC code of ethics, InTASC standards for professionalism, and other needed professional behaviors. Students will be required to demonstrate these behaviors in simulated and real-life situations. Real life situations are facilitated as part of the course's service learning component. This component requires students to volunteer in instructor selected Early Childhood Centers.
Reading proficiency. Rule: TED-1110 is only required for ECE A.A.S. students. Students must pass TED-1110 with grade of B or higher, and students can only register twice for the course. It is recommended that ECE A.A.S. students take TED-1100 and TED-1110 concurrently.
Program Requirement
Proficiency in School Age Care/Management Certificate,Proficiency in Infant/Toddler Development Certificate,Early Childhood Education: Math and Science Certificate,Proficiency in Diverse Student Populations Certificate,Early Childhood Education Letter of Recognition,Early Childhood Education, A.A.S.,Early Childhood Special Education Certificate,Mastery in Administration of Child Care Programs Certificate,Mastery in Early Childhood Education Certificate