Course Code: 1020

Department: Other

Course Type: Political Science

Course Format: Online

Credits: 3

Term: (Not offered summer.)

Semester: (Not offered summer.)

Course Description

This is a survey course in state and local government and one of the courses meeting the General Education requirements at Prince George's Community College. The course focuses on the relationship between the national, state, and local levels of government; the three branches within each level of government; political parties and elections; interest groups; and selected policy issues facing state and local governments, including economic development, education, crime and corrections, health and social welfare, and the environment.
Program Requirement
General Education List,Cybercrime Investigation Concentration, A.A.S.,Cybercrime Investigation Concentration, A.A.S.,Pre-Law Concentration, General Studies, A.A.,Pre-Law Concentration, General Studies, A.A.,General Studies A.A. with Area of Concentration in Economics,General Studies A.A. with Area of Concentration in Criminal Justice,Criminal Justice, A.A.S.,Paralegal/Legal Assistant, A.A.S.,Fire Science, A.A.S.