Course Code: 2400

Department: Other

Course Type: Business

Course Format: Online

Credits: 3

Term: (Not offered summer.)

Semester: (Not offered summer.)

Course Description

The increasing complexity of the global market requires managers to possess strong conceptual, strategic and tactical skills. This course provides an introduction to the strategic management process: strategy formation, strategy implementation, and strategy evaluation. Application of strategic management concepts to case studies and projects will be used to reinforce students' mastery of the strategic management process. This is a CAPSTONE course with specific pre-requisites.
Prerequisite: BMT 1010 or equivalent. CAPSTONE COURSE: In addition to the prerequisite courses, students must complete a minimum of 47 credits prior to enrolling in this course. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better is also required.
Program Requirement
Business Management, A.A.S.,Marketing Management, A.A.S.