There is a moratorium on developing and reviewing online asynchronous courses until a sustainable plan is implemented to identify priorities and resources for new course development and approvals. Currently, eLearning’s course development, rebuild, and review resources are directed toward addressing those priorities identified in the strategic project 3.4.

The priority of strategic projects is for online courses to make up the approved, fully online degrees and certificates over the next three years, which includes 50 annual course rebuilds and reviews.

eLearning will update this information upon the availability of timelines and priorities later in spring 2024.

Quality Assurance

Before a newly designed online (DL) or hybrid (HY) course is offered for the first time, eLearning will complete a review process using the current edition of the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric. All 3-point standards must be met before the course is approved and can be offered for the first time.

This course will then serve as a Collegial Exemplar Course for other faculty, meaning other faculty who teach online or hybrid sections of this course will be provided with a copy to update and modify for the upcoming semester. All collegial exemplar course sites will be reevaluated once every five years for re-approval. This process ensures consistency and quality across course sections.

For additional details on the quality assurance process, click here.