Course Code: 2900

Department: Other

Course Type: Criminal Justices

Course Format: Online

Credits: 3

Course Description

This course is the culmination of the criminal justice students' academic experience. It serves to synthesize the knowledge gained from courses taken within the criminal justice curriculum and better prepare the graduate to continue on to upper-level studies in the discipline, or for entry-level career positions in the criminal justice field. Among other requirements, the student will develop and prepare an individual research project that will be presented to the class, as well as an external audience. The course also includes a comprehensive final examination based on the program's learning outcomes.
CJT-1510, CJT-1520, CJT-1530, CJT-2510, CJT-2530, CJT-2540, CJT-2580, and CJT-2800 or permission of department. CAPSTONE COURSE: In addition to completing prerequisite courses, students must also have completed a minimum of 45 credits and all required criminal justice (CJT) courses before enrolling in this course. A minimum GPA of 2.00 is also required.
Program Requirement
Correctional Services Concentration, Criminal Justice, A.A.S. ,Correctional Services Concentration, Criminal Justice, A.A.S. ,Cybercrime Investigation Concentration, A.A.S.,Cybercrime Investigation Concentration, A.A.S.,Criminal Justice, A.A.S.